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Buenos Aires Private Jewish Tours 
We plan individual, group and family Buenos Aires Jewish visits. Discover Jewish life in Buenos Aires, its importance, richness and diversity, through the eyes of a local Jewish guide.

We’ll share with you a sensitive look towards the local Jewish community sites, symbols and institutions, its history, present features and relevant events.
Come experience with us the vibrancy of the biggest Jewish community in South America in a half-day or day tour, visiting the most important cultural, religious, social and sportive local Jewish institutions, get to know the highlights of Jewish immigrants from Europe, their settlement in these lands more than a 100 years ago, and their descendants' present way of life. Receive insight on both massive attacks: the local Federation building, and that of the embassy of Israel.
Welcome to Buenos Aires
The vibrancy of South America’s most cosmopolitan city is matched only by the warmth of its residents. Truly a world-class destination, Buenos Aires holds myriad treasures just waiting to be discovered. We will, of course, show you everything for which our incredible city is known to tourists. And, as Porteños, (Buenos Aires natives), we will make sure you experience the real Buenos Aires – a city of lights and
passion and love and intrigue – including the secrets and surprises that most tourists do not see. We look forward to sharing with you the wonders of our city.

The Pulse of the City
Tango, Evita, beef, soccer... make you think immediately of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, but there is much more to it than that!!!
A world-class Opera House, open-air markets and fairs, hectic night life, street cafes, friendly people, historical and strikingly modern buildings, French-style avenues and parks, trendy neighborhoods, 19th and early 20th century buildings refurbished into ultra-new establishments and shopping centers, street crafts, an intense artistic and cultural life... just some examples of what’s waiting for you at this cosmopolitan and bohemian city.
Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world. It covers an area of 77.20 sq. miles, (200 km2), twice that of Paris. More than 11 million people live in its metropolitan area, and its surroundings. It’s a city with plenty of traditions and historic spots, yet it manages to include a dynamic, urban atmosphere that accounts for its unique style.

Having been developed by immigrants from different cultures and countries (mainly European ones), the city’s layout and architecture reflect that European style which, when mingled with local flair and passion, turn this into an unforgettable city.

Buenos Aires, Jewish and More…
We are Mirta Jajam and Luis Waitzman, members of the Buenos Aires Jewish community. We provide tourist services in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. Our “made-to-measure”-tours are performed in English or Spanish. We offer a personalized experience with safe and trustworthy guidance, so you can relax and devote your time just to enjoying this marvellous city!!!
We Offer:
- An unique Jewish Heritage Tour, for those interested in discovering the Jewish roots of our community, including our main institutions, synagogues and historic landmarks; a visit full of insight information including the history of the first Jewish settlers from Europe.

- Non-traditional, historical-cultural city tours, a private experience in English to see the city through the eyes of a local, at your own pace.

- Language assistance to go to the places of your preference, business meetings, shopping, etc.

- Evita’s Tour: a half-day tour on Eva Perón, an interesting insight to this Argentinean Cinderella who has marked our history so intensively. Get to know her life history; her worshipers and detractors, see the area where she lived as a first lady and her famous balcony downtown. This tour includes visiting her site at the Recoleta Cemetery and many other key ones related to her political life.

- Accommodation in furnished apartments in town. Fully-equipped, centrally-located apartments for 1 to 6 people.

- Buenos Aires Walking Tours: This is an interesting and inexpensive way of seeing the city’s most important areas. Come enjoy with us great views, wide boulevards and monuments at Recoleta and Palermo, or walk along the historic areas downtown, have a closer look at different architectural styles, 19th Century palaces and get to know the transformations these sites have undergone along the years.
Tours are 3-hour long, for up to 8 people. Tour rate: 60 USD. We set a meeting point according to the area selected. We may use public transportation.

- Tango & folk shows reservations: We can suggest and make reservations for the best shows in town; no advance payment is needed, as you’d pay for your ticket upon entering the premises.

- If traveling inland Argentina -be it the Iguazú Falls, our the  wine country in Mendoza, Bariloche, the glaciers down south, our beaches-, or to neighboring countries, we can put you in touch with trust-worthy local travel agencies to arrange those routes, trips and accommodations before your trip.

- Safe transfers for you and your group.

- See Trips & Transfers.